Deadline for stallholder application is now October 2

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Hackney Council has extended the deadline to October 2 for applications to trade in the new Well Street community market which is relaunching on 3 December 2016. The market will run on the first Saturday of every month.

“Our intention is to build up the market’s profile and footfall then open the market on a weekly basis if this is deemed to be viable. We will be selecting 30 traders to begin with and aim to expand this number as footfall increases.

“Traders will be provided with a 3 x 3 metre gazebo by the Council, included in their pitch fee.”

The selection process

There are two stages to the selection process:

1. You will need to complete the application form available on our webpage and submit it to us by 02 October 2016. We will then review all submissions, create a shortlist based on the quality of applications received and invite successful applicants to an
interview. These will begin from 10 October 2016. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a notification by email, please note that we are unable to provide individual feedback to applicants.

2. During the interview stage we will assess each candidate’s suitability for the site and use a scoring system to evaluate responses, the highest of which will be offered a position at the market in order of score. Those who score satisfactorily in their
interview but do not make the final selection or sell a commodity that is oversubscribed will be placed on a short list for future vacancies.

What we are looking for

We need to be confident that traders are able to offer a consistently high standard of service and meet customer demand whilst managing their pitch safely and effectively. This is
particularly important with regards to waste management, cleanliness and hygiene standards.

We will be scrutinising prospective traders based on the following criteria:

 Previous experience in street trading or other relevant field

Candidates will need to demonstrate their suitability for the market as a street trader, giving a detailed explanation of their experience, capabilities and competency. This will be particularly important with regard to health and safety matters. We will still consider start-up businesses provided that they can meet our expected standards.

 Quality and uniqueness of commodity/concept

We must ensure that we do not overprescribe similar commodities in the market in order to ensure that the offering is diverse and attractive to customers. Your commodity or concept must be of a high quality and we are keen to have diversity of products in the market.

 Knowledge of commodity/concept

We expect traders to have a good understanding of what they are selling and to offer an informative service.

 Quality of stall display

In order to create an appealing and aesthetically pleasing market environment we expect traders to be able to demonstrate their understanding of visual merchandising and explain how they will employ these practices on their own stall.

Where possible we are actively seeking traders whose products promote a healthy lifestyle and are fair-trade certified.

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Deadline to apply for stall in new Well Street market is now 25 September

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We’re looking for traders and aspiring entrepreneurs to apply for stalls at the new Well Street Market, launching in December. Join us! Application deadline 25 September.


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WESTRA hits target to fund new community market

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Hackney Gazette story, August 2016

WESTRA have reached a target of £80k after 16 weeks of an intense crowd funding campaign through the Mayor of London’s ‘Spacehive’ campaign.


“It is truly amazing that we have finally reach that target – we are so grateful to local residents and businesses for all they have so generously given,” said Jo Price, WESTRA Chair.

Kay Richardson, WESTRA Business Development Manager, added: “The GLA and Mayor of London have also been very supportive of the new ideas like the teenage market, and the student makers market which will be one of the first in London.

“It’s going to be so exciting to see all the new and innovative activities happening in Well Street which the Spacehive campaign will be paying for.”

Ian Rathbone, WESTRA Secretary said: “We are now working with Hackney Council to bring a full market with stalls to Well Street from the Autumn, and we would like to encourage people to apply for a licence from Hackney Council at .”

Kay added: “As we said on the Spacehive website: We have a wonderfully diverse community who we encourage and support. We’ll nurture young entrepreneurial talent by having a Teenage Market, give free economic and business training to local creatives by having a Student Makers market offering amazing design pieces unobtainable elsewhere. Integral to our market will be a live music stage where locals can book performance slots.

“We’ll have a music mentoring program encouraging new routes into work. We are developing a community bee project and want to buy beehives and bee pollinators to make Well Street honey. And there will be Christmas lights!”

Details of the Spacehive project:

What we’ll deliver:

  • Pay for a Teenage Market to nurture young entrepreneurial talent
  • Pay for a student Maker’s Market and provide free training to encourage local creatives
  • Buy a live music stage and equipment and develop a music mentoring programme
  • Buy beehives, develop our community bee project and make Well Street honey to sell
  • Pay for hanging baskets to be planted with bee friendly plants to create a bee corridor on the street
  • Be a produce driven market that enables our community to access affordable healthy eating
  • Buy Christmas lights and make Well Street a place of which the community feels proud
  • Create a link to the Fashion Hub, have cutting edge fashion, be the place to buy fabric and trimmings
  • Engage the community and have regular events on the street

Well Street will be more than a market, transforming it back to a bustling hive of activity, by regenerating the area, making it a ‘go to’ destination. We want our street to be filled with amazing produce, a space that unites the community, we want hanging baskets filled with flowers, Christmas lights, it to be a street to be proud of.  This whole vision is instigated by the Well Street Traders and Residents Association (WESTRA) – we’re committed to improving the life of our local neighbourhood.

It’s a wonderfully diverse community that we want to support and encourage. Our plan for an innovative community market will strengthen the character of Well Street. Together we want to celebrate all the energies of our community and make it an exciting place to be again, bringing economic growth economic and social benefit to the area. We will create pathways into work, support local makers and producers and be an exciting new place for the community to come together and connect and build civic pride.

Our plan is to set up an innovative model of a community market where locals will be able to access healthy affordable, good quality food along with a Teenage Market that will nurture talented local entrepreneurs. We will include a Student Maker’s Market that will seek out talented locals from London College of Fashion and other local community colleges and train and encourage local creatives to learn key business skills and bring their cutting edge products to Well Street Market.



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Your pledges needed for new innovative community market

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11 - allan parker collecting money 8 aug 16

Friday 12 August 2016

WE HAVE reached £60,000 pledged on our way to the total of £78,666 for a new and innovative Well Street market. Thanks to our local chemist Clockwork Pharmacy for a pledge of £1,000 today and all the others who have been pledging – 214 so far.

We only have four days to Wednesday when we must reach that target – or else we lose everything pledged so far. You can invest in the future now and pledge by clicking below and clicking the ‘back this project’ button. Go on – you’ll make us very happy!


143 - advert from LBH for street traders in Well Street market 3 aug 2016


Hackney Council is advertising for traders for @WellStMarket re-launch later in the year. Applications close 21 August.‪#‎markets‬ 

If you need help applying or want to know more, contact WESTRA on 07890 654 068 or


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We still need lots of pledges to get the new community market!

Posted by on Friday, June 17th, 2016         

13325544_1109739815749616_5793859845735959901_n (2) 109 - well st common stall 16 jun 16


THANKS to Dave & Sam from Team Well Street Market for speaking to EVERYONE at Well Street Common Festival on the weekend.

We’ve had so much support and excitement, but it’s not over yet! Please pledge and let’s make it happen! We need £82k by 10 August …







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Only a few hundred quid from our first target – more pledges needed by June 6

Posted by on Saturday, June 4th, 2016         

DSC02010 (2)

WE’VE DONE IT! Less than £1,000 to go to our Monday target – the first step in our crowdfunding campaign – £779 needs to be pledged and we’re home for the Mayor of London to give his pledge of £20,000 on Monday. Thank you so much. It’s going to be so good to see this new community market come into being later in the year!

Let all your friends and neighbours know.


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What WESTRA plans to do with the crowdfunding

Posted by on Saturday, June 4th, 2016         

13336123_1109740975749500_2450530397341655331_n (2)

HERE IS what WESTRA wants to do if the £82k is raised by the crowdfunding campaign on Spacehive. Well Street Traders and Residents Association aims:

* To bring about a full weekly market with stalls in Well Street market
* To bring about social cohesion in the wider area of Well Street market by creating a social hub
* To tackle unemployment and poverty in the area through creating new jobs and businesses
* To improve the social life of the area through encouraging crafts, music, and other cultural and arts activities
* to reduce carbon emissions from people travelling out of the area to shop
* to make the area more bike friendly, campaigning for bike racks and bike lanes

We have campaigned to improve the offer of the whole street and particular businesses:

* initiated a design study of the street to preserve its Victorian look and encourage general improvements, including designing and paying for shop signs to be replaced.
* Run a Winter festival for the last four years involving pedestrianising the street and enabling people in the E9 area to sell goods, the community coming together to celebrate,

* To be family friendly with local musicians and dancers performing
* Supported training scheme for young people interested in setting up in business, also working Community Links and Sanctuary Housing, and currently looking for further funding from The Mayor of London’s Crowdfunding Scheme
* Worked with Hackney Council to create a new environment in the street with a parking scheme and create links with the Fashion Hub on Morning Lane
* Negotiated a new strategy with Hackney Council for running a regular market from Summer 2016
* Regularly campaigned to raise the profile of the street in the media and in the locality, and through our own website, Facebook and Twitter
* Initiated moves, including fund raising, leading to the development of Well Street Area Neighbourhood Plan and setting up of the Neighbourhood Forum

The market provides opportunities for people from all sections of the community to start operating as a business with low overheads. We advise and support all business in the street who request help, and have run sessions with Hackney Business Venture (HBV) to help people with running proper accounts, selling techniques, marketing, promotion etc.

All our meetings are open to anyone from the community to come and contribute, and become involved in some way as a volunteer.

Please pledge today –

Contact us at

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