Your pledges needed for new innovative community market

Posted by on Saturday, August 13th, 2016         

11 - allan parker collecting money 8 aug 16

Friday 12 August 2016

WE HAVE reached £60,000 pledged on our way to the total of £78,666 for a new and innovative Well Street market. Thanks to our local chemist Clockwork Pharmacy for a pledge of £1,000 today and all the others who have been pledging – 214 so far.

We only have four days to Wednesday when we must reach that target – or else we lose everything pledged so far. You can invest in the future now and pledge by clicking below and clicking the ‘back this project’ button. Go on – you’ll make us very happy!


143 - advert from LBH for street traders in Well Street market 3 aug 2016


Hackney Council is advertising for traders for @WellStMarket re-launch later in the year. Applications close 21 August.‪#‎markets‬ 

If you need help applying or want to know more, contact WESTRA on 07890 654 068 or


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We still need lots of pledges to get the new community market!

Posted by on Friday, June 17th, 2016         

13325544_1109739815749616_5793859845735959901_n (2) 109 - well st common stall 16 jun 16


THANKS to Dave & Sam from Team Well Street Market for speaking to EVERYONE at Well Street Common Festival on the weekend.

We’ve had so much support and excitement, but it’s not over yet! Please pledge and let’s make it happen! We need £82k by 10 August …







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Only a few hundred quid from our first target – more pledges needed by June 6

Posted by on Saturday, June 4th, 2016         

DSC02010 (2)

WE’VE DONE IT! Less than £1,000 to go to our Monday target – the first step in our crowdfunding campaign – £779 needs to be pledged and we’re home for the Mayor of London to give his pledge of £20,000 on Monday. Thank you so much. It’s going to be so good to see this new community market come into being later in the year!

Let all your friends and neighbours know.


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What WESTRA plans to do with the crowdfunding

Posted by on Saturday, June 4th, 2016         

13336123_1109740975749500_2450530397341655331_n (2)

HERE IS what WESTRA wants to do if the £82k is raised by the crowdfunding campaign on Spacehive. Well Street Traders and Residents Association aims:

* To bring about a full weekly market with stalls in Well Street market
* To bring about social cohesion in the wider area of Well Street market by creating a social hub
* To tackle unemployment and poverty in the area through creating new jobs and businesses
* To improve the social life of the area through encouraging crafts, music, and other cultural and arts activities
* to reduce carbon emissions from people travelling out of the area to shop
* to make the area more bike friendly, campaigning for bike racks and bike lanes

We have campaigned to improve the offer of the whole street and particular businesses:

* initiated a design study of the street to preserve its Victorian look and encourage general improvements, including designing and paying for shop signs to be replaced.
* Run a Winter festival for the last four years involving pedestrianising the street and enabling people in the E9 area to sell goods, the community coming together to celebrate,

* To be family friendly with local musicians and dancers performing
* Supported training scheme for young people interested in setting up in business, also working Community Links and Sanctuary Housing, and currently looking for further funding from The Mayor of London’s Crowdfunding Scheme
* Worked with Hackney Council to create a new environment in the street with a parking scheme and create links with the Fashion Hub on Morning Lane
* Negotiated a new strategy with Hackney Council for running a regular market from Summer 2016
* Regularly campaigned to raise the profile of the street in the media and in the locality, and through our own website, Facebook and Twitter
* Initiated moves, including fund raising, leading to the development of Well Street Area Neighbourhood Plan and setting up of the Neighbourhood Forum

The market provides opportunities for people from all sections of the community to start operating as a business with low overheads. We advise and support all business in the street who request help, and have run sessions with Hackney Business Venture (HBV) to help people with running proper accounts, selling techniques, marketing, promotion etc.

All our meetings are open to anyone from the community to come and contribute, and become involved in some way as a volunteer.

Please pledge today –

Contact us at

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Crowdfunding Campaign launched to create a new community market in Well Street

Posted by on Monday, May 30th, 2016         

DSC01941 (2)


WESTRA, Well Street Traders and Residents Association, has launched a Spacehive crowdfunding campaign for an exciting new community market which could start later this year in the Autumn.

It was launched on Saturday evening in a lively style at Hair Lounge in Well Street market, with some singing from young people from Hackney Quest  – setting the scene for 11 weeks of campaigning to raise £82k, and at least £8k of that within three weeks. If you haven’t pledged yet – here’s the place to do it –

On Bank Holiday Monday May 30 2016 we still had raise £4,743.70 in pledges by this time next week June 6: you know what to do


Background from the Spacehive Crowdfunding campaign website:


Well Street Market will be more than a market. It is an ambitious, exciting and bold project. We have a wonderfully diverse community who we encourage and support. We’ll nurture young entrepreneurial talent by having a Teenage Market, give free economic and business training to local creatives by having a Student Makers market offering amazing design pieces unobtainable elsewhere. Integral to our market will be a live music stage where locals can book performance slots. We’ll have a music mentoring program encouraging new routes into work.

We are developing a community bee project and want to buy beehives and bee pollinators to make Well Street honey. We want a wireless network enabling cash free trading.

We need money for the infrastructure costs to pay for our ambitious plans. We need to buy stalls, live music stage, wireless networks, bee hives , hanging baskets, Christmas lights. We need the crowd to pay for the training and staff that will help us enable to develop local talent.

What we’ll deliver:

  • Pay for a Teenage Market to nurture young entrepreneurial talent
  • Pay for a student Maker’s Market and provide free training to encourage local creatives
  • Buy a live music stage and equipment and develop a music mentoring programme
  • Buy beehives, develop our community bee project and make Well Street honey to sell
  • Pay for hanging baskets to be planted with bee friendly plants to create a bee corridor on the street
  • Be a produce driven market that enables our community to access affordable healthy eating
  • Pay for a wireless network, access new technologies to enable cashless trading
  • Buy Christmas lights and make Well Street a place of which the community feels proud
  • Create a link to the Fashion Hub, have cutting edge fashion, be the place to buy fabric and trimmings
  • Engage the community and have reglar events on the street to ensure collective thinking

Why it’s a great idea:

Well Street will be more than a market, transforming it back to a bustling hive of activity, by regenerating the area, making it a ‘go to’ destination. We want our street to be filled with amazing produce, a space that unites the community, we want hanging baskets filled with flowers, Christmas lights, it to be a street to be proud of. 
This whole vision is instigated by the Well Street Traders and Residents Association we’re committed to improving the life of our local neighbourhood. It’s a wonderfully diverse community that we want to support and encourage. Our plan for an innovative community market will strengthen the character of Well Street. Together we want to celebrate all the energies of our community and make it an exciting place to be again, bringing economic growth economic and social benefit to the area. We will create pathways into work, support local makers and producers and be an exciting new place for the community to come together and connect and build civic pride.

Steps to get it done:

  • Host a series of creative events to further engage our community in the conversation
  • Seek capital funding to realise the project by investing in the infrastructure
  • Seek sponsorship from business and empower our local community by asking them to help fund and be part of the project
  • Purchase stalls and furniture necessary for the market’s infrastructure
  • Pay for the licence to have a Teenage Market so we can commit to nururing local youth
  • Buy a live music stage and equipment
  • Pay for professionals to develop our music mentoring programme
  • Pay for the training and mentoring for the start up costs of a Student Maker’s Market
  • Buy bee hives for specially selected sites on Well Street Market
  • Purchase hanging baskets for the street and fill them will bee friendly flowers

Since developing our vision of Well Street Market we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response, with busy meetings and community workshops. We are supported by Hackney Council, and Regeneration Hackney and fit neatly with the council’s new ‘Markets strategy’. 

Well Street Market will be more than a market. It will be an innovative project that has our community at it’s heart. We want to support and nurture our neighbourhood. Developed by the residents and traders it is key that business work together to make Well Street a destination. Our aim is for activities and events that happen on Well street Market are broad, varied and exciting, and will clearly benefit our community.

The market is a weekly opportunity for the community to gather in their shared public space. This will be a market that puts the offer of healthy food at a central theme. We want the market to work collectively, be innovative and continually in conversation with our community. We ask the community to support us.

More information from Kay Richardson,  or call 07890 654 068


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WESTRA produces a Well Street market charter

Posted by on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016         

WESTRA has produced a business charter in line with a request from Hackney Council. It serves as guide for the market itself, and hopefully will encourage other local businesses to draw up their own charter of who they are and what they do.


Well Street Traders and Residents Association (WESTRA) is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers, launched in 2010.

    Our Mission Statement is to renew the historic 150 year old market and for it to serve the whole of the local community.

   We support local businesses and work together to solve any problems that may arise on the market street.


Communicating with the local community

We maintain a clear and constant line of communication with our community, residents and traders and aim to strengthen our local community by engaging with local residents and traders’ issues, and respond to their needs and work with community organisations that benefit the social, educational and health welfare of our community.

We promote relevant activities or groups that share our aims.

Local young people

We want to support the local youth in our community by operating a ‘Teenage market’ and providing young entrepreneurs with training, providing opportunities and having presence in the local community, teaching economic survival skills and provide a successful transition from school to work by learning valuable skills which help to build confidence.

We would like to build on our connections in our local community with Hackney Quest and provide a permanent teenage market stall for young people from their project along with reaching out to the Tenants and Residents Associations on Frampton Park, Trelawney, Morningside, Wyke and Gascoigne Estates to help nurture talent.

We want to encourage local student makers to be given a platform to trial their creativity and help progress of young people into the creative industries by encouraging their innovation and talent.

Local musicians

We want to provide a platform to local musicians to develop their talent and are looking to encourage a mentoring system with local well established artists with the aim of developing our local talent, offering a platform for them to practice performing in front of a live audience, and having a mentoring scheme with high profile acts like Rudimental, Plan b and Labrinth to inspire, encourage and nurture young talent.

Robust and creative communities

We aim to develop robust and creative communities by increasing confidence, ambition and cultural capacity. We want to promote enterprise and entrepreneurial activity and a ‘can do’ approach to improving yourself, the community and economy.

We want to nurture and promote local talent and work together to resolve economic, spatial and social problems faced in our area.

Working with local schools

We want to continue developing the linking work of the last four years with local primary schools, helping pupils to be aware of the market, its businesses and how they work.

European links

We want to forge links within the European Union with other markets and market traders and make connections and provide learning opportunities and develop a market exchange programme. We are looking at beginning with linking with a market in Bavaria, Germany, begun by former Hackney residents who are keen to create a designer/maker network already piloted by Hackney based designer Ella Doran. We are also interested in forging links with Hackney’s twinned cities of Oslo and Austin, Texas and to develop a markets exchange programme with them.

Working with other local markets

We want to develop the links we already have with other Hackney markets, particularly with Victoria Park Traders Association, and continue to play an active part in the Council’s Streets Advisory Board, seeking improvement and expansion of all markets in Hackney.

Fashion Hub

We want to work together with the Fashion Hub and promote local fashion designers and support their work by providing a sponsored stall that showcases local talent and create links between us and the Fashion Hub.

Market Stalls

WESTRA will oversee what mix of stalls and rate each trader to see if their mix fit’s with our community remit. We will decide where each stall is placed on the street and ensure high quality produce, locally grown where possible thus providing our community with a range of products that reflect their wants and needs.

Employment opportunities

We want to employ local talent from Hackney and provide equal opportunities and adhere to the principles of fair work and fair pay and pay at least the London Living Wage, and to encourage such for all the businesses in the market area.

Environmentally Responsible

We want to behave in a responsible way to our environment and recycle as many materials as we can, particularly with cardboard and organic waste, and to encourage re-use. We will join in partnership with Greener Hackney and other local recycling organisations.

Well Street Area Neighbourhood Plan

We want to continue to develop the Plan, through to publication, which WESTRA initiated and supported in various ways, including funding for consultation. This includes supporting those on the Forum carrying through the development work.

Health and well-being

We are committed to improving well-being and share the aspirations of Healthier Hackney. By focussing on and encouraging healthy eating and healthy food products, to celebrate the amazing diversity of the local community and its cultural offer, all of which are reflected in the businesses of the market street, shop and stall.


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Residents give thumbs up to a new Well Street market

Posted by on Saturday, February 27th, 2016         



We’ve had some early results in from the survey of residents about Well Street market carried out recently.

The surveys are in the process of being analysed. And there is a resounding yes to a new market from local people!

We’ve looked at 160 survey returns and 99% of those participating said yes to a new market with two don’t knows, and no-one said no!

84% would use a market in Well Street weekly. 60% prefer Saturday and a massive 91% want to see the street closed off to traffic on market day. 78% want more facilities for parking bikes.

Top of the kind of stalls wanted was fruit n veg, bread and cakes, ready to eat takeaway, then – second hand & vintage, organic food, meat, poultry and fish, hand crafts, furniture and antiques, plants & flowers.

We continue to analyse the surveys and will be publishing a complete result in the next few weeks, although it is already very clear that people want:

• A new market
• Weekly
• On a Saturday
• Street closed off
• More bike parking facilities
• Top products – fruit n veg, bread n cakes, hot food takeaway

Thank you very much to all those who took part in the survey. The results will be passed to Hackney Council’s markets dept as they gear up for launching a monthly market in May.

It’s a big thumbs up locally that WESTRA is on the right course. We are pressing on all these issues.

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